The pleasure of a journey is not in in the distance, but in the scents and the warm welcome you are given when you arrive… details are what make the difference in the quality of the accommodation we provide.
A familiar welcome is our jewel in the crown. We make breakfasts for our guests with care, choosing the products of our land to wake you up in the sweetest way ever!
Our accommodation offers a very good standard of quality and price, with clean and cosy rooms offering breakfast with the taste of km.0 products, from the simplest to the most refined one.

Hosts will help you to discover our wonderful town in art and nature, the small historical and rural villages of our valleys and lakes. You will enjoy the natural, historical, artistic, gourmet richness our land can offer with excursions, by bike or visiting museums and art exhibitions.



The Association “Bergamo B&B and Co.” was born in 2013 and it gathers the extra-hotel accomodation in Bergamo and its province which want to increase the value of the familiar welcome closely linked to the territory, local culture and the relation with our guests, as a result of the corporate hospitality of our land.

One of its main goals is to promote and develop the solidarity and involvement among the members of B&Bs and other kinds of accomodation, giving them a hand to open and run the activity. It also aims to meet and train operators, improving the exchanges and collaboration, promoting the territory and local products, giving a value to all aspects of tourism. To make the best of it, the association is linked and collaborates with local public and private authorities which are in line with the features of the association. HOW CAN YOU JOIN THE ASSOCIATION BERGAMO B&B AND CO ? The prerequisite to associate to Bergamo B&B and co. is the sharing of the aims of the statute, of the rules and regulations to present SCIA by the local City Hall and all that is related to the opening of the activity. Afterwards, to join the Association you have to fill in a form for professional advice and an application to enrol as an ordinary member, arrange a visit to get a positive answer to join it.

Joining our association gives you the opportunity to collaborate with active participation with a group of colleagues in order to:
> have a better visibility in the web thanks to our website, Facebook
> meet frequently colleagues who, thanks to their experience, will help to give advice to run the activity and how to use high-tech instruments for marketing and services for customers
> have information and join meetings about tourism and territory organized by institutions and other associations
> get conventions of different kinds at good prices to run the activity



To ask for information or for prospective members contact us:

+39 340 0506 651